Additional Services Offered :

Feed & Nutrition Assessment:

We will consult with you regarding the proper feed and nutrition needs of your horse. We can come to your farm, assess your horses body condition, feeding regiment and help you come up with a suitable plan based on your horse's needs. We can also help you via email or by phone. Our barn manager, Laura Hudson, teaches Equine Feed & Nutrition at Cecil College as part of the Equine Studies  Program and can offer suggestions and solutions for you and your horse.

Help Making Tough Decisions:

Sometimes we are faced with making some tough decisions when it comes to our horses. Whether it be training issues, suitability of horse and rider, or the question of  when it's time to euthanize our beloved friend, we are here to listen and to help guide you through the difficult times. 

Equine Health Maintenance and Equine Management:

We can offer suggestions for the best health maintenance and management of your horse or horses. We can help you design an Emergency Management Plan for your farm, create an equine first aid kit for both barn and trailer, and teach you the best safety practices for both you and your horse.