How To Adopt A Horse From Us

If you see an available horse that you are interested in adopting we ask that call us to set up an appointment to come meet the horse and ride him/her to ensure your level of riding and his/her ability level are a match. We will show horses by appointment only so please don't just "stop by".
If you and the horse you have chosen work well together, you will need to fill out our application for adoption. We ask for vet and farrier references as well as information on the farm where your new horse will be living. 
Once your application has been reviewed and accepted we ask that you set up a date and time for pick up or drop off of your new horse. We will gladly deliver the horse to you if you live locally ( within a 25 mile radius) for $40.00. 
Adoption fees are due in full when the horse is picked up. If we are delivering the horse to you we require payment before the horse leaves our farm.
The purpose of our application process is to ensure our rescued horses are going to responsible homes. We expect that they will be cared for under all and any circumstances that may arise. Once you take possession of the horse Greystone is turning over all ownership and responsibilty to you. You are his/her new owner and are solely responsible for his/her care and well being. 
We are always available to answer questions  and/or help guide you whenever you may need. We always just a phone call away.
Adoption of Select Sponsorship Horses
Occasionally some of our Sponorship Horses are available for adoption to Companion Only homes. Though they can no longer perform at a competitive level or do the job they once did, these horses make wonderful pasture mates for other horses in need of a partner. So if you have a young horse or a horse who has recently lost their pasture mate and are interested in adopting a Sponsorship Horse please contact us by phone or email for an updated list of who's available.
 Adoption fees for our "pasture partners" are from Free to $200 depending on the age and restrictions of the horse. We require you to fill out the same application as a regular adoption and the process is the same.