Though Greystone DOES NOT accept new horses into our Sanctuary Program....sometimes our new rescues or existing rescue horses become unadoptable due to age or discovery of an unknown medical condition. These horses are given the opportunity to spend their remaining days here at Greystone getting the love and care they need. We appreciate and encourage any and all donations towards our Sanctuary they typically require the most medical attention, supplements and have additional dietary needs.

Our Sanctuary Horses are available for sponsorship on a weekly, monthly or one time donation basis. And we always welcome and encourage quality time spent with our Sanctuary Horses....everyone here deserves equal love and attention!!


Chester was a our very first rescue horse! When he came to us he was very thin and lame on all four feet. His front left hoof had actually grown over his shoe. We were told he was 20 something years old by his former owner.

After many months of rehab, weekly vet and farrier visits and a whole lotta love Chester improved!

During a teeth float we were informed by the vet that he was actually more like in his 30's....which would make him in his 40's now!

He's been living out his retirement happily in the field with his buddies. Permament damage to hind ankles and his poor conformation make him unrideable but pasture sound....and who would ride a horse his age anyway?!
                    Delights Shagnasty aka Shaggy

Shag is a 30 something yr old tri colored spotted saddlebred. He came to us after his owner lost interest in him. He's a happy guy who spends his days in the field with his best buddy Chester! Unfortunately in his old age Shaggy has developed Cushings Disease but is being well managed with medication.

Shag and Chester are the greeting comnittee for every new horse that comes in to Greystone. They are great companion horses who love showing the new horses "the ropes" around here!
                     Who Knew 

Who Knew is our latest addition to our sanctuary horses. She had raced for a few years and had pretty much been forgotten and therefore neglected after her racing career was over. 

She came to us after spending what we were told is many years standing in a stall with no turn out, no bedding, no regular food or water. 

She had "ouchy" feet when we got her..which was understandable under the circumstances from which she came...Vet and farrier both agreed it would take time.We worked on fixing her feet..making them healthy again and we had great success! But her lameness continued.

So after a series of tests and radiographs it has been determined that Who Knew has progressive stages of navicular and is kept sound with special shoes called "Flip Flops.

She will spend the rest of her days as a Sanctuary Horse here at Greystone! We will do everything in our power to
 keep her comfortable for as long as we can. 
Berty is our resident stallion. He is a registered Medicine Hat Paint. He is cryptorchid so he cannot be gelded. He has squamous carcinoma on one eye lid and in one eye. He is s wonderful boy! Good with people and other horses (geldings) and loves his pasture buddy Chrissy the cow! He has a forever home here with us teaching people how to groom and care for horses. He's one in a million!!
Spice and Splash

Spicey and Splash are both lifetime residents of Greystone as they have entered our Sanctuary program. 

Spice is a 20 something Shetland pony who has limited to no vision in both his eyes. He came to us with immensely long feet that have required xraying and trimming on a regular basis for over a year. He had been badly neglected and suffered from chronic laminitis for years. He's alittle afraid of humans after what happened to him in his past but is learning to trust again with the help of Splashy!!

 Splash has been a long time resident who developed a soft tissue injury in both front hooves and was retired in 2013 from his second career of foxhunting,  cow penning and all round fun stuff. This year he was diagnosed with a tumor behind his eye and subsequently had to undergo an extensive surgery to remove both the tumor and the eye. He has recovered well and is actively participating in our Sanctuary program as bestfriend and protector of Spice.


Champ is a 30 ish Belgian who came to live at Greystone in his retirement. He has chronic heeves and a very "crunchy" shoulder rid with arthritis as a result of many years of plowing. Though he came from a trail riding home we have chosen to allow him full retirement and spend his days grazing and playing with the other horses. He is a handsome boy with a great personality and is a great addition to our Sanctuary Program. He gets along with everyone and is very helpful in teaching " new to horses" volunteers how to groom!!


King is a 20 something year old Quarter Horse who came to us needing placement after losing his job and his home when his former stable shut down. He went into our Sanctuary Program after 6 months of lay up for what our vet felt was the reinjuring of an old pelvic fracture and torn cruciate. Though he has been rehabilitated and slowly brought back we have determined it to be in his best interest to be "partially retired" at this point and will live his life out here with us. He is able to walk and trot with a lightweight rider a few times a week but enjoys spending most of his time with his pasture buddies and educating our volunteers.


Dundee is a 20 something TB gelding who came paired with King from the same location. They had spent 16 years together as pasture mates. During King's lay up Dundee found himself very anxious and wasn't thriving. He became unrideable and difficult to manage. He was then diagnosed with Cushings. We started him on meds and placed him in our Sanctuary Program. Finding a good herd for him and feeding schedule was quite a chore!! But finally we did it!! Dundee is now the emporer of his field with a harem of mares with whom he adores. His meds are regulating his Cushings, he's eating 3 times a day and has managed to gain back and maintain his weight!! Though physically he is fit to ride, we have chosen to retire him from any activity other than his daily hang out in the field grazing and bossing the mares around. He too will live the rest of his life here at Greystone!!