Greystone has no paid employees only gracious volunteers and devoted family members that work hard to provide our horses with everything they need to recover, rehabilitate and re-learn a new way of life.

Greystone started out as a small farm in 2003 owned by Todd and Laura Hudson.

In 2006, Bud and Carolyn Waltz, moved to Rising Sun and purchased the farm which is now Greystone. In 2008 we became incorporated as Greystone Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc.

Our Board Of Directors is still growing, but currently consists of Dr. Carolyn Waltz, President; Carroll( Bud ) Waltz, Vice President, Treasurer, Laura Hudson, Secretary, and members Kyle Kelly, Scott Wilkinson and Jen Waltz, Donna Zeimer, Cindy Fox, and Etta Burton.

We hope to grow our Board as our farm grows so that we may better serve the population of horses in need!

Laura Hudson is the Barn Manager and Director of Operations . She was the Program Coordinator of the Equine Studies Program at Cecil College from 2007 to 2013 and taught as an adjunct in the program. She also spent 17 years working as vet tech in both small animal and large as well as 5 years in human medicine.

Founder, Todd Hudson, Laura's husband of 20+ years, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in 2014, seven short months after moving to Florida. His legacy and love of horses will live on through Greystone and the rescue they do. In the future Laura plans to expand the rescue and start a fund in Todd's name to help support their efforts at Greystone.

Jen Waltz, Laura's sister and Scott Wilkinson, Jen's boyfriend currently live on the farm and assist with the farm maintenance and horse management.

Jen graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a bachelors of science degree from the School of Agriculture and Natural Resource. Her boyfriend Scott is a state certified elevator mechanic in the International Union of Elevator Constructors Local #7
Kyle Kelly is a long time horse enthusiast and grew up riding horses in Walnut, Illinois. He currently works in the motorcycle industry. Kyle and his daughters live in Cape Coral, Florida and visit Greystone regularly. Kyle assists us with fundraising and event planning.
Donna Zeimer ..... profile info coming soon
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Etta Burton is a former Equine Studies student from Cecil College. She is also a local business owner, Twisted Equestrian, offers braiding services for both shows and sales. Etta has ridden and trained for many local farms, including Hilltop and Pony Island Stables.